Here is an inventive method to make a confetti bowl out of a balloon.It is excessively simple to make. Just swell the inflatable, stick the confetti to it. Sit tight for the paste to totally dry and jab the inflatable. That is it! You can utilize it to hold some light articles, for example, confections, chocolates, frill, tissues, etc. Or then again simply leave it on the table to make the most of its pretty look. It makes an adorable little present for companions as well. Have a ton of fun!

ooking for something to light up and help your room that will give a fly of shading yet won’t be excessively costly or luxurious? Rather than dropping two or three hundred bucks on a stand-out cunningly structured container, you can make your own utilizing an inflatable and some confetti. Insane as it sounds, this container will give premium and amusing to any room without burning up all available resources.


– Confetti (Our mass packs would work extraordinary for this task — while the genuine bowl itself doesn’t take a huge amount of confetti, you need a good add up to work with for simple plunging. Need your hues to be an astonishment? Attempt a puzzle pack!)

  • Mod Podge (Matte and Sparkle)
  • Balloons
  • Small bowl(s)
  • foil/wax paper
  • paper plate
  • wipe brush
  • Clear splash paint
  • scissors


  1. Blow up the inflatable to the size you want the bowl to be.
  2. Addition the swelled inflatable into the jar, tied side in, to make a sturdier working surface.
  3. Utilizing the wipe brush, add Mod Podge to the top, adjusted part of the inflatable. Include Mod Podge everywhere throughout the inflatable, around the center bit, for as tall as you want the bowl to be.
  4. Add confetti to the Mod Podge on the inflatable, making a point to cover the entirety of the territories and not leaving any open zones. You can expel the inflatable from the container so as to handily cover the sides with confetti.
  5. Permit the primary layer of Mod Podge and confetti to dry totally.
  6. Include extra layers of Mod Podge and confetti to build the bowl’s thickness – the thicker the layers, the sturdier the bowl.
  7. When every ideal layer have been included, permit the Mod Podge and confetti to set for 8-10 hours.
  8. Flip around the inflatable on a hard surface with the confetti side on the table.
  9. Pop the inflatable utilizing a needle or pair of scissors and expel the inflatable elastic from the bowl.
  10. Trim the edges of the bowl as wanted.
  11. For a sparkly completion, apply a layer of clear shower paint to both within and outside of the bowl (Note: don’t put nourishment in the bowl except if a nourishment safe clear coat is utilized).
  12. Show your confetti bowl and appreciate!

I LOVE the way the expansion of the radiance Mod Podge makes within the bowl excessively sparkly!

You can mess about making various sizes and utilize your dishes to store any number of little things or knickknacks. Or on the other hand simply use them to hold more confetti!

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