Hamburger Enchilada Casserole is layers of prepared ground meat, cheddar, enchilada sauce, and delicate flour tortillas heated until everything is hot and bubbly. It’s a simple weeknight supper that the entire family will adore!

A scrumptious blend of ground meat, corn tortillas, dark olives, and green stews anticipates right now, great Mexican dish. A cross between your customary enchilada and simple, regular goulash heat, this one-dish supper packs in all the kind of an a bigger number of hands-on formula in under 30 minutes. In addition, with three canned things on the fixing list, your prep work pre-cooking is as basic as snatching the would opener be able to out of your cabinet and wrenching ceaselessly. It doesn’t get a lot less difficult than that on a bustling weeknight.

Put a respite on the tacos for your next taco Tuesday supper and sub right now Casserole formula. The entire family makes certain to spoon out a second aiding of this mushy hamburger enchilada heat.


Flour tortillas – I use flour tortillas since I like how delicate they are however on the off chance that you need an increasingly credible enchilada experience don’t hesitate to substitute corn tortillas. They will no doubt be littler so you may require a couple of something else.

Red enchilada sauce – My preferred part! I enthusiastically suggest making this custom made red enchilada sauce since it has such an astounding flavor (and can be made as long as about fourteen days early) yet you can likewise utilize your preferred image of locally acquired enchilada sauce.

Prepared ground hamburger and onions – Ground meat and onions are cooked together with taco flavoring for a fiery meat filling.

Cheddar – It wouldn’t be an enchilada without cheddar! You can utilize sharp or mellow cheddar or utilize a Mexican mix on the off chance that you like.

I love the heavenly red enchilada sauce, the liquefied cheddar, the delicate tortillas. Truly, I’m getting eager simply considering it.

This Beef Enchilada Casserole takes the entirety of the flavors and rearranges the procedure by layering the fixings in a goulash dish as opposed to moving them. Actually I like this so much better in light of the fact that the sauce gets into each niche and corner and the entirety of the flavors truly merge together with the goal that each nibble is a little celebration in your mouth.

The most effective method

Preheat stove to 350 degrees F.

Dark colored ground meat for 5 minutes. Add onions and keep on cooking for an additional 3 minutes.

Add taco flavoring to the meat alongside ¼ cup of water and mix together. Keep on cooking for 5 minutes until the fluid for the most part vanished.

In a lubed, 11×9 meal dish include ½ cup of the enchilada sauce, and afterward place two tortillas over it with the goal that they spread the base of the dish.

Spot 1/3 of the meat over the tortillas, trailed by ½ cup of the enchilada sauce, and 1 cup of cheddar.

Spot two additional tortillas over the cheddar and rehash the meat, enchilada sauce, and cheddar. Spot the last two tortillas on top and spot the rest of the hamburger on top at that point pour remaining enchilada sauce over it followed by cheddar.

Spread with aluminum thwart and heat for 30 minutes. Evacuate the spread and keep on preparing for 10 minutes.

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