Travel guide to Easter Island is the experience of a lifetime

Easter Island at a Glance

Easter Island is one of the most remote islands on the planet. Regardless of being a piece of Chile, it’s found a decent five hour flight away from the Chilean coast in the southeast of the Pacific Ocean, around 3,512km (2,182 miles) away. It’s generally celebrated for the indigenous Rapa Nui culture which has deserted very nearly 900 immense statues of stone human heads, known as moai. Alongside these amazing statues, you can discover remainders of old houses just as rock canvases made hundreds of years prior by the Rapa Nui. The whole island was named an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995, after authorities chose to ensure the Rapa Nui National Park and the historical backdrop of its kin.

Easter Island Culture and History

The Moai were cut by the Rapa Nui individuals somewhere in the range of 1250 and 1500 AD. At that point, more than 1000 stone heads were cut, albeit now just 887 remain. By the late nineteenth Century, the entirety of the statues had fallen over from absence of support, anyway these days some have been come back to their unique developments in lines and are better kept up. Many were cut by the Rapa Nui from the principle quarry on the island, Rano Raraku, and it’s a mind boggling accomplishment that the indigenous individuals had the option to discover approaches to move these monster heads over the island. The biggest was just about 10 meters (33 ft) high and weighed 82 tons (90.4 tons).

What’s with the name?

Easter Island was given its name by the main European guest recorded, Dutch pilgrim Jacob Roggeveen, who arrived on the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. The Spanish allude to the island as Isla de Pascua, which likewise signifies ‘Easter Island’.


Easter Island is just 24.6 km (15.3 mi) long by 12.3 km (7.6 mi) at its broadest point. It’s zone is 163.6 square kilometers (63.2 sq mi), and its most noteworthy height is 507 meters (1,663 ft). It has three volcanoes on the island which are currently wiped out yet these give the island a triangular shape; the bigger one structures the principle majority of the island itself while the other two make the headlands at the eastern and southern parts of the bargains. You can visit the cavity Rano Raraku, which is presently loaded up with a blue lake close to the Orongo site, or the roots of the ‘Birdman Cult’.

The Birdman Cult

The Birdman or the Tangata Manu was the champ of an antiquated challenge on Easter Island where chosen men got the opportunity to substantiate themselves and get a holy status for as long as a year. Prophets in every tribe would dream of the contenders to be, and afterward every hopeful was permitted to name various men to contend for his sake. The picked men needed to move down the tricky bluffs of Easter Island, swim to a close by little stone outcrop, and attempt to take the absolute first egg laid by tern feathered creatures that year. The man who came back with the principal egg of the period would show this to his support and the chose man would then live in detachment for a year in a stylized house. . In the end, Christian teachers who landed during the 1860s halted the convention. You can in any case visit the Orongo site today and study this old custom just as observe the genuine test the men needed to experience to get this consecrated respect.

Where to remain in Easter Island

Practically all lodgings and inns are situated in the principle town on the southwestern piece of the island, Hanga Roa. The town is little and is effectively walkable from start to finish, so regardless of where you stay you will have simple access to eateries, bars, and gift shops or bicycle rental shops. The best sea shore on the island is Anakena sea shore, so in case you’re here to unwind and basically appreciate the climate, lovely sand, and clear blue ocean, at that point lease a vehicle and remain in an inn as close toward the northern side of the island as you can. You can likewise discover some AirBnB choices on the island that can give less expensive options in contrast to the more costly inns.

When is the best time to visit Easter Island

Easter Island is a tropical heaven! To take advantage of the island, attempt to visit in the mid year months among October and March. You are well on the way to encounter rain or even hurricanes in the winter a long time of July and August. Saying that, temperatures on the island will be a lot higher than those in Chile in the winter months, so to stay away from the groups and go during slow time of year less expensive periods then April, May and September are as yet extraordinary alternatives.

Gastronomy – Tips and what’s in store

Easter Island is well known for is fish and fish, most outstandingly fish. Anyway it’s significant that nourishment on Easter Island is very costly! We enthusiastically prescribe that to set aside cash you take nourishment with you from Santiago to the island, for example, breakfast and lunch things. A supper with only two principle courses and a container of wine at a normal eatery around will slow down you generally 60.000 CLP altogether. It may merit considering settlement that has cooking offices to permit you to cause your own suppers on certain nighttimes with nourishment you to have brought from the terrain. Saying that, it merits attempting in any event one dish from a nearby eatery to get the flavors and experience of attempting fish angled locally from simply off the island!

What to do in Easter Island

There are many bundle Easter Island visits you can take from a multi day Easter Island visit to a more drawn out multi day visit. In the event that you’re voyaging solo, at that point here are a portion of the principle sights to see:

Tongariki is the following most popular site with 15 moai statues arranged in succession, and is a most loved spot to see the dawn. Be cautioned, there will be numerous groups attempting to see the dawn here so if its all the same to you missing the early morning light on the essences of the statues at that point it merits holding up a couple of hours and you may even have the entire spot to yourself!

On the off chance that you miss the dawn, at that point simply get the nightfall at Tahai rather where you will discover five enormous standing statues neglecting the ocean. Then again, the nightfall at Tongariki would at present give you a dazzling perspective!

In the event that you are there to simply unwind, at that point unquestionably visit Anakena sea shore with its delightful sand and clear blue oceans. You can likewise appreciate a move appear over supper in the event that you might want to see some customary outfits and conventions. For those wayfarers among you, you can visit the caverns on the western side of the island, in spite of the fact that note that huge numbers of these are never again conceivable to enter because of deterioration. There are anyway some phenomenal locales with rock works of art and carvings which you can see up and down the southern and eastern waterfront streets. As you advance towards Tongariki then we enthusiastically prescribe you visit every one of the destinations to see the assorted canvases and the fallen moai en route.

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